Nebraska SubLease Agreement Template

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The Nebraska Sublease Agreement Template is a convenient form that will serve as a rental contract between a sublessor and sublessee. This agreement is contingent upon either the original lease between the sublessor and the Landlord’s rental contract, that it allows the act of subletting, or if the Sublessor is able to get written consent from the Landlord in order to have this be allowed. Any and all acts conducted by the subtenant will be the liability of the sublessor.

How to Write

Step 1 – Starting with the first blank line in the first paragraph, enter the following information in this order with each piece of information on a separate line: Sub-Lessor’s Full Name, Sub-Lessor’s Mailing Address, Sub-Lessee’s Full Name, Sub-Lessee’s Mailing Address, Leased Property’s Street Address, Leased Property’s City.

Step 2 – In the “Term” section, select the choice that best defines the period of time this lease will run. There will be three choices, two of which are At-Will Tenancy types. Only one of these three choices may be selected and defined. If this is a Fixed Sub-Lease, check the first box then enter the date range of this Sublease’s effective power. However, if this is one of the At-Will Tenancies (Month-to-Month or Week-to-Week), then select the appropriate choice, enter the day the lease shall commence then enter how much notice (in days) must be given to terminate the lease.

Step 3 – The next step will be to document which utilities or services in the leased property the Sub-Lessee shall not be required to pay for. This may be done in Section II.

Step 4 – Section III will not require attention, however it concerns liability and should be read thoroughly.

Step 5 – The next section requiring attention will be Section IV. Here, locate the two blank spaces in the first paragraph. Write out the security deposit amount, in words, on the first space then enter this same amount as a number on the second blank space. Also, in the second paragraph, it will be necessary to define how many days a Sub-Lessee will have to wait for an explanation if he/she has not received the full amount. Note: This explanation needs to be a written one.

Step 6 – Sections V through VII will contain several terms and conditions to the Sub-Lease. Read these thoroughly.

Step 7 – While the previous sections have been lawfully standard terms and conditions, Section VIII will provide an opportunity to define and report any additional disclosures, terms, conditions, and agreements that all parties concerned should fall under the binding power of this sublease. Note: None of these additional definitions may violate Local, State, or Federal Law.

Step 8 – The next sections (IX – XIII) will contain several definitions and conditions and should be understood fully before proceeding.

Step 9 – In Section XIII, indicate if the Landlord’s consent is needed for this sub-lease to be binding. Check the first box if it is and check the second one if it isn’t.

Section 10 – The final section to require attention is Section XV at the end of this document. The first paragraph must have the Date (dd, mm, yy) entered. Next the Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee will both have to sign and print their names. There will be a space beneath each one’s column for a Witness to that party’s signature to sign and print his/her name as well. In the event the Sub-Lessee is under the age of 18, a Parent or Guardian will need to sign and print his/her name as consent. Also, if the Landlord chooses to consent to this agreement between to the Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee he or she may sign and print his/her name.

Step 11 – If the Original Lease is attached each party must initial the first line below the Landlord’s signature line. If the Move-In checklist is attached, each party should initial the last line of this document.