New York SubLease Agreement Template

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The New York SubLease Agreement is a legal document agreement that is created between an original or initial tenant and a new tenant. The sublease agreement provides the subtenant or new tenant, the right to share or to take control of the rented premises from the initial tenant. Generally, the initial tenant, remains responsible to collect and pay the rent to the landlord and to be certain that utilities and services are collected and paid on time. The parties should read the document carefully to be certain that they understand how New York state law interprets this document. If the document is not clear, you may wish to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the document, read the document, if all parties are so inclined to continue with the agreement, enter the following

  • Date the date that the document is being completed in mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 2 – Parties to This Sublease – Provide the following information –

  • Name of the Overtenant(s) (initial tenant)
  • Provide the address for notices
  • Email address
  • AND
  • Name of Subtenant(s) (New Tenant)
  • Address for notices
  • Email address

Step 3 – Information from Over-Lease with Landlord – Enter the following information:

  • Landlord’s Name
  • Address for notices
  • Date of Over-lease with Landlord
  • Term of Over-lease- Beginning and ending dates in mm/dd/yyyy formats
  • *Be certain to attach a copy of the original lease to this document

Step 4 – Sublease Term Information – Enter

  • Beginning and ending dates in mm/dd/yyyy
  • Building Premises Address
  • Apartment Number
  • City located in NY

Step 5 – Titled Sections – Initial tenant and subtenant must carefully review all of the Titled sections prior to provision of signatures:

  • Use of Premises
  • Rent (enter the total rent amount for the Sublease term
  • Enter the monthly payment amount
  • Subtenant must be clear on the remainder of this section, read carefully and be certain you understand that subtenant must pay their rent to the overtenant who will pay the full amount to the landlord as stated in the initial agreement)
  • Additional Charges (Enter any additional payment amounts in the fields provided for the services as described)
  • Security Deposit – (Enter the amount of the required security deposit from the sublessee)
  • Agreement to Lease and Pay Rent – Subtenant must read and be clear about rental payments)
  • Both Parties must provide initials at the bottom of the pages
  • Subject To
  • Overtenant’s Duties
  • Consent
  • No Authority
  • Successors
  • Changes

Step 6 – Signatures of parties in agreement –

  • Provide the date of signatures in dd/mm/yyyy

Overtenant –

  • Signature
  • Printed Name

Subtenant – 

  • Signature
  • Printed Name

Check to be certain that both parties have provided initials at the bottom of all pages of the agreement