Pennsylvania Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Pennsylvania sublease agreement expresses the terms and conditions of a sublet arrangement between a current tenant (sub-lessor) of a rental property and a new sub-tenant (sub-lessee). First and foremost, the property owner/manager must issue permission for the sublet of their property. The master lease between the property owner and the initial tenant likely dictated whether subletting is permissible per their contract. If the lease included no mention of subletting or inherently barred it, approval may still be given through the use of a consent form that consists of the landlord’s signature. A sub-lessor and sub-lessee may execute an agreement upon confirming its legality. In a sublease structure, the parties typically co-inhabit the unit, or the sub-lessee completely occupies the residence while the sub-lessor moves out without breaking their lease.  The sub-lessee pays rent directly to the sub-lessor and refers to them as a landlord of sorts. Simultaneously, the sub-lessor maintains responsibility for paying the total rental amount to the property owner in a timely fashion.

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