Pennsylvania SubLease Agreement Form

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The Pennsylvania SubLease Agreement is a written legal document that with permission of the landlord, will allow the primary tenant to sublease the premises by sharing the unit or allowing the subtenant to take over the lease.  The subtenant would pay rent directly to the primary tenant. The primary tenant would then remain responsible to pay the full monthly rental amount to the landlord.

The landlord will continue to hold the primary tenant directly responsible for the rent as well as the care of the unit until the expiration of the lease.  The subtenant must carefully review the terms and conditions of the agreement to be certain that they understand their responsibilities, the rules and regulations and expectations, prior to signing of the lease.

How To Write

Step 1 – Agreement Between Parties – Primary Tenant must complete the following:

  • Enter the Primary Tenant’s Name
  • Enter the Sub-Tenant’s Name

Step 2 – Existing Primary Lease –  Primary Tenant must enter:

  • The commencement date of each lease lease
  • The ending date of each lease

Step 3 – Rented Property – Primary Tenant must enter

  • Address of the premises
  • Unit/Apartment

Step 4 – Rental Payments – Primary Tenant must enter:

  • The amount of rent the sub-tenant agrees to pay
  • The amount the sub-tenant may pay in lump sum
  • OR
  • The monthly payments and due dates

Step 5 – Further Financial Obligations – Primary Tenant must specify who will pay the respective payment by checking the boxes

  • Water/Sewage
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Heat’
  • Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Hot Water
  • Other

Step 6 – Notices –

  • Primary tenant agrees to forward any received notices provided by the landlord to subtenant.

Step 7 – Prohibitions – Subtenant agrees that the following are prohibited: (check the appropriate boxes)

  • Pets
  • Smoking Inside Unit
  • Overnight Temporary Guests
  • Other (Specify)

Step 8 – Security Deposit –

  • Primary Tenant must enter the amount of the security deposit to be paid at signing

Step 9 – Sub-tenant must read and understand the following Titled Sections:

  • Additional Responsibilities
  • Breach of Original Lease
  • The following items belong to the primary tenant and agrees that they will be left in the apartment for the subtenant’s use: (Primary Tenant must make a list of these items)
  • The following Furniture which is supplied by the landlord will be left in the apartment for the subtenant’s use (Landlord or Primary Tenant must provide a list)

Step 10 – Additional Agreements (if any – write them into the lines provided in the document)

Step 11 – Signatures – Each party must provide the following as often as requested:

  • All Subtenant’s Signatures
  • All Subtenant’s date their signatures
  • AND
  • Primary Tenant’s Signatures
  • Primary Tenant’s Dates of Signatures

Copies of this document must be provided to the landlord of the premises:

  • Landlord’s/Agent’s Signature
  • Date Copies were received