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Pennsylvania Sublease Agreement Template

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Pennsylvania Sublease Agreement Template

Updated March 27, 2024

A Pennsylvania sublease agreement expresses the terms and conditions of a sublet arrangement between a current tenant and a new sub-tenant. The landlord must issue permission for the sublet of their property. Under a sublease structure, the parties typically co-inhabit the unit or the sub-tenant completely occupies the residence while the original tenant moves out. The original tenant maintains responsibility for abiding by the terms of their lease.

Right to Sublet

In Pennsylvania, a tenant’s right to sublet depends on their lease agreement. This contract likely dictates whether subletting is permissible. If the lease included no mention of subletting or barred it, the landlord can still grant permission using a Landlord Consent Form.

Short-Term Tax

The 6% Pennsylvania Hotel Occupancy Tax applies to any residential rental arrangements of less than 30 days organized using online platforms or third-party brokers.[1] Additional county taxes may be imposed; for example, Philadelphia County charges an additional 1%.

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