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Pennsylvania Rental Lease Agreements | Residential & Commercial

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The Pennsylvania rental lease agreements are legal contracts written between a landlord and a tenant seeking a trade for the occupation of space, commercial or residential, in return for payment made on a monthly basis. The lessor and lessee will at first view the space, negotiate the terms, and then draft a lease that reflects the conditions that were made verbally. Once the document has been authorized it becomes legally binding unless both parties agree to void the contract. All forms must be written in accordance with State laws located in the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951 (Title 68).

Rental Application – Verification method used by a landlord/agent/manager to ensure that a potential lessee is able to make payment, is employed, and that their previous lessors have had good experiences with their tenancy.

Table of Contents


Association of Realtors – Provided by the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors for standard residential lessor-lessee tenancies.

Commercial Lease Agreement – To be used for all business-related tenancies.

Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement – Standard residential contract that allows for the lessor and lessee to create a pre-determined agreement for the purchase and sale of the rental property.

Month to Month Lease Agreement (§ 250.501) – Allows for the landlord or tenant to cancel within fifteen (15) days. If the tenancy has been ongoing for more than one (1) year then the parties must give each other at least thirty (30) days’ notice.

Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement – For the members of a home where each occupant is given a bedroom and the contract is for the shared common areas and expenses.

Standard Residential Lease Agreement – Usually written as a one (1) year arrangement but may for any specified time-frame with a start and end date.

Sublease Agreement – For a tenant seeking to sublet space they have under lease from the landlord/agent.

Termination Lease Letter – Used to cancel a month-to-month rental arrangement.


Lead-Based Paint – If any housing structure was built prior to 1978 then the tenant must be informed as there may be this type of hazardous paint in the building.


There is no State statute that requires the landlord to give any type of notice to the tenant before entering the property for any non-emergency type of event.

Security Deposits

Maximum (§ 250.511a) – Landlord may ask for up to two (2) months’ rent.

Returning (§ 250.512) – Within thirty (30) days of the lease termination date or when possession has been delivered back to the landlord, whichever comes first, shall give back all funds associated with the deposit along with an itemized list if there are any deductions.


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