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South Dakota Lease Termination Form | 30-Day Notice

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South Dakota Lease Termination Form | 30-Day Notice

Updated August 08, 2023

A South Dakota Lease Termination Letter is a legal document required by most all owners/landlords/management companies in order to provide the appropriate days of notice to vacate the premises. The notice by either the lessor or lessee must be at least as long as the “term of the hiring itself,” and shall not exceed a month. Simply put, the notice period must be equal to that of the term. If the tenancy is month to month, then the notice given must be one (1) month; if it is a week-to-week arrangement, then one (1) week’s notice must be provided.

It may be used by either the landlord or the tenant. It’s very simple to complete and will serve the need to provide legal notice to vacate, one to the other. Once notice has been served it allows anyone to remain in compliance of a rental agreement.

LawsSDCL § 43-32-15

Notice Requirement – One (1) month for month-to-month tenancies.