Utah Lease Termination Letter Form | 15-Day Notice

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Updated August 08, 2022

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A Utah Lease Termination Letter (15-Day Notice) is a legal document that may be used by either a tenant or a landlord to serve the required fifteen (15) days notice of intent to vacate a property or end a lease. This notice is in compliance with the rules of most residential leases when preparing to move out.

How To Write

Step 1 – Parties – Provide the following:

  • Provide the name of the person to whom the notice is being sent
  • Provide the address to where the notice will be delivered

Step 2 – Date –

  • Enter the date in which the notice is being created
  • Read the remainder of the notice

Step 3 – Signature(s) –

  • Enter the date the document is being signed
  • Enter the signature of the party sending the notice (landlord or tenant)
  • Enter the name of the person serving the notice