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Utah Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Utah Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

Updated August 08, 2023

A Utah standard residential lease agreement is a legal document used to rent property belonging to a landlord to a tenant for monthly payment. The term “standard” means the lease has a start and end date with most agreements for a 1 year period. When signing a lease, the landlord will usually verify the tenant’s credit and employment through a rental application. After verification and approval by the landlord, a lease will be signed.

Laws – Title 57 (Real Estate)


Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – If the residence was constructed prior to 1978 them, according to federal law, this disclosure must be completed and signed by both landlord and tenant.

Move-in Checklist (§ 57-22-4(3)) – Required to be completed by the landlord and distributed to the tenant before a lease can be signed.

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Standard Residential Lease Agreement – Version 2

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