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Washington Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Washington Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

Updated July 24, 2023

A Washington standard residential lease agreement is a legal document that landlords and tenants use for the renting of property. The agreement provides all of the written information needed to secure an agreement that will be beneficial and protective of both parties. As well, it provides all of the terms and conditions so that the tenant will understand what is expected from them during their tenancy. The tenants must carefully read agree to all of the sections provided in the document before entering their signature(s). Before the parties authorize an agreement, it is highly recommended the landlord screen the tenant through a rental application.

Laws – Chapter 59.18 RCW (Residential Landlord-Tenant Act)

Handbook – Your Rights as a Tenant in Washington State (PDF)


Fire Protection & Evacuation (§ 59.18.060) – The disclosure from the Fire Marshal’s Office must be distributed to the tenant. If the property is in a building with two (2) or more units, a fire evacuation plan must also be provided to the tenant.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – If the home was built prior to 1978.

Mold Disclosure (§ 59.18.060(13)) – To be given to the tenant at or before the signing of the lease.

Move-in Checklist (§ 59.18.260) – Required if a security deposit was accepted by the landlord.

Security Deposit Receipt (§ 59.18.270) – The name and address of the financial institution must be included in the receipt given to the tenant after payment.