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West Virginia Sublease Agreement Template

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West Virginia Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 08, 2023

A West Virginia sublease agreement is a rental contract establishing a sublet arrangement between a sub-lessor and sub-lessee. Given written permission from the landlord/owner, the current tenant (sub-lessor) under the master lease may choose to co-occupy the rental property with another sub-tenant (sub-lessee). Or, they may relinquish the entire residence to the sub-lessee in order to move elsewhere. Under this type of lease, a sub-lessee pays their share of rent to the sub-lessor and shall view them as a landlord. In turn, the sub-lessor remains responsible for paying the total rental amount directly to the property owner/manager per their prior agreement. Sub-lessors assume all liabilities for the sub-lessee in most cases. Suppose the sub-lessee caused damages or missed rent: the sub-lessor would be held accountable since they consented to such a deal. Therefore, properly vetting potential sub-lessees is highly recommended. All parties should read and comprehend a sublease before signing it into effect.

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