West Virginia Sublease Agreement Form

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The West Virginia Sublease Agreement is a legal document that is designed to be used between a Sublessor and a Sublessee. With written permission from the landlord/owner, the tenant who had initially agreed to the lease, may either share space with another tenant or allow the Sublessee to take over the lease. Although there would be a be new tenant on the premises this does not make the current tenant any less responsible for the initial agreement. The initial tenant will remain responsible for the care of the premises as well, the initial tenant will be held responsible to ensure that the rent or the sublessee’s share of the rent is collected and that the rent is delivered to the landlord on time each month. The Sublessee, should read the agreement carefully and agree to all aspects of the agreement before signing the document.

How to Write

Step 1 – Parties and Location of Premises – Provide the following information:

  • The name of the Sublessor
  • The name of the Subtenant
  • Enter the street address of the property
  • City
  • County
  • Unit number (if any)

Step 2 – Terms – Sublessor must enter the following:

  • Enter the date of commencement of the agreement
  • Enter the amount of the rent that must be paid to the Sublessor on or before the due date specified
  • Enter the date that the rent is due each month
  • Provide the person’s name to whom the rent will be paid
  • Provide a physical address where the rent must be delivered each month to the sublessor
  • Enter the date of expiration of the agreement

Step 3 – Titled Sections – Tenant must read and agree to all remaining sections of the agreement with the Sublessor as follows:

  • Utilities (to be paid by sublessor and included in the cost of the rent for the term of the agreement)
  • Premises
  • Security Deposit – (the sublessor must enter the amount of the deposit that will be paid upon signing – deposit to be refunded at the end of the agreement)
  • Possession
  • Disputes
  • Other (if there are other amendments or additions to the agreement, enter them into the lines provided)
  • Execution of the Agreement
  • Minor Tenants
  • Binding Effects

Step 4 – Signatures

  • Enter the date of the signatures in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Sublessor’s Signature
  • AND
  • Subtenant’s Signature
  • If the subtenant is a minor, a parent or guardian’s signature is required
  • AND
  • Date of the landlord/agent’s signature
  • Enter the landlord’s/agent’s signature