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Wyoming Sublease Agreement Template

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Wyoming Sublease Agreement Template

Updated April 10, 2024

A Wyoming sublease agreement is a rental contract in which an existing tenant (sub-lessor) rents some or all of their residence to another person (sub-lessee). The tenant may want to bring in a roommate or may need to move before the end of their lease. A sublease allows a tenant to accomplish this while fulfilling their obligations under the original (master) lease agreement.

Right to Sublet

Wyoming law does not grant tenants, by default, the right to sublet. The tenant’s lease will determine whether subletting is restricted. Oftentimes, the landlord’s permission is required before a tenant can sublet. If the lease is unclear or silent regarding subleasing, the landlord should be contacted for clarification.

If the landlord’s permission is required, consider using a Landlord Consent Form.

Short-Term (Lodgings) Tax

In Wyoming, for tax purposes, a short-term rental is one in which the guest stays for less than 30 continuous days. Several state and local taxes apply to this type of accommodation.[1]

Wyoming short-term rental taxes:[2]

  • 4% state sales tax
  • Local sales tax (varies by county)
  • State/local lodging tax (varies by county)

Some municipalities also levy a Resort District Tax.

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  2. Wyoming Department of Revenue: Sales & Use Tax Rate Charts