Student Sign-in Sheet Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A student sign-in sheet allows an educator to record the attendance of a class, presentation, or other event where documentation of attendance is needed. Each student will be able to record their own information on the form which the educator will then be able to use for future reference. Using a form of this nature may be necessary as it provides the educator with the ability to prove/confirm that specific individuals were in attendance and are aware of all details discussed during the event.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Form

Start by downloading the sign-in sheet in your preferred file format; for your convenience, we have made the form available in PDF, ODT, and Word formats.

Step 2 – Class Information

You should see two empty spaces at the top of the form (pictured below). In these spaces, record the date of the event as well as the class name.

Step 3 – Student Information

As students arrive, have them write down their own names in the first column of the sign-in sheet. You may find it easier to write down the student’s names prior to the event to save time, though this is only possible with a ready-made class list. When the event is finished, each student should provide their signature in the remaining column, thus providing proof that they were indeed in attendance.

Step 4 – Presenting the Form

The form should be available to students at the entrance so that they may record their names when arriving. Since this particular sign-in sheet may be used to prove that a student was in attendance throughout the entire event, it’s recommended that the form be kept in a secure location after attendance has been documented initially. Once the event has finished, the form should then be made accessible once again in order to collect the signatures of each student.