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Wyoming Estate Planning Checklist

A Wyoming estate planning checklist is an organizational form that helps ensure a person's affairs are prepared for the end of their life. Generally speaking, estate planning refers to the drafting of a written Last Will and Testament ('Will') or Revocable Living Trust; documents used to delineate how one's assets and property will be distributed following their death....

Wyoming Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

A Wyoming listing agreement is a contract that establishes the terms under which a real estate agent will operate as a client’s representative. The agreement form must include the property's listing price, the start and termination dates of the agreement, and the agent's commission.

Wyoming Residential Purchase Agreement

A Wyoming residential purchase agreement is a contract used to transfer ownership of real property. Initially, the buyer will execute the document to outline the financial terms and other conditions of the purchase. The seller can then either accept the offer as-is, decline the proposal or continue the negotiation process.

Wyoming Employment Contract Templates (4)

A Wyoming employment contract governs the working relationship between an employer and a hired individual. The contract should mention the individual's duties, the salary they can expect to receive, the frequency at which payments will be distributed, and many other details pertaining to terms of employment.

Wyoming Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order Form

The Wyoming Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order form instructs medical providers to withhold CPR for a patient who is not breathing or has no heartbeat. In Wyoming, the "POLST" program entitles residents to define their preferred emergency treatments. It can be applied for by completing the POLST form available below.

Wyoming Name Change Forms | Petition

Wyoming name change forms allow residents to petition for a legal name change through their county's district court. Individuals changing their name because of a marriage or divorce are not required to complete these forms. To be eligible to petition for a name change, the petitioner must have resided in the state for at least six months.

Wyoming Notary Acknowledgment Form

A Wyoming notary acknowledgment form is used by a notary to verify signatures on official documents. It provides legal evidence that the individuals involved in the transaction have been identified and that they have signed the documents of their own volition.

Wyoming Living Trust Form (Revocable)

The Wyoming living trust is a legal agreement used to protect an individual's assets should they become mentally incapacitated and to bypass the Wyoming probate process after they die. The Grantor (creator of the trust) appoints a Trustee to govern the trust and distribute assets within the trust to the named Beneficiaries after the Grantor's death. The...

Wyoming Deed Forms

A Wyoming deed is a form that may be used to transfer the ownership of property from a seller to a buyer. The form should list the information about the 'Grantor' and 'Grantee' followed by the Purchase Price and Legal Description. All Deeds in the State of Wyoming are required to be signed in the...

Wyoming Non-Compete Agreement Template

A Wyoming non-compete agreement is a contract that allows an employer to limit an employee from engaging in the same business. The non-compete period begins after the employee is no longer is employed. The duration can be up to 1 year and for a specific geographical area. Laws Legally Enforceable? Attorneys (prohibited) Continued Employment What...