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West Virginia Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form

A West Virginia minor child (parental) power of attorney form is a legal document used by parents or guardians to appoint a trusted and competent adult with decisions regarding their child.

West Virginia Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

A West Virginia Revocation of Power of Attorney Form may be utilized when you seek to terminate a power of attorney that you granted to an agent or agents. Generally, most cases where an agent currently wields principal powers that must be terminated will call for an official revocation of the current appointment. This paperwork...

West Virginia Medical Power of Attorney Form

A West Virginia medical power of attorney allows a principal to choose a health care representative to make medical decisions on their behalf. The principal can make special limitations or powers to the agent, such as removing breathing or feeding machines if terminally ill. The form only becomes available for use if the principal is...

West Virginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form DMV-9-TR)

A West Virginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form DMV-9-TR) is used by West Virginia vehicle owners who require that certain tasks be completed by an agent of his or her choosing. The Virginia DMV will allow a vehicle owner to empower an agent to handle matters that usually require the presence of the vehicle owner...

West Virginia Tax Power of Attorney (Form WV-2848)

A West Virginia Tax Power of Attorney (Form WV-2848) is a required submission when a taxpayer wants to gain approval from the West Virginia State Tax Department for their delegation of principal authority to an agent. The agent appointed here will potentially be able to represent the principal taxpayer regarding his or her tax matters...

Wyoming Custody (Parenting Plan) Agreement

A Wyoming custody (parenting plan) agreement outlines the parental rights and responsibilities regarding a child whose parents are unmarried or in divorce proceedings. The process can occur on its own or in divorce proceedings. Wyoming courts offer a detailed step-by-step procedure to file for custody.

Wyoming Separation Agreement

A Wyoming separation agreement lets married couples determine their rights and responsibilities regarding marital property, spousal support, and other matters when they no longer wish to live together but are not fully divorced. Wyoming recognizes legal separation or judicial separation, and the court may enforce the agreement terms.

Wyoming Postnuptial Agreement

A Wyoming postnuptial agreement is a contract between the spouses in a marriage that establishes distribution of assets should the marriage end in divorce or death. Postnuptial agreements are signed after the couple is already married.

Wyoming Partnership Agreement

A Wyoming partnership agreement is a legal document that outlines the management structure of a business with multiple partners. It establishes ownership interests, duration, liabilities, dispute resolution, and dissolution. The agreement needs to be as detailed as possible in order to prevent confusion and disagreements in the future.

Wyoming Non-Solicitation Agreement

Wyoming non-solicitation agreement is a contract between an employer and an employee that restricts the employee from soliciting the employer's customers or clients after the employee leaves the company. A non-solicitation agreement can be a stand-alone document or a clause in an employment contract.