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Idaho Bill of Sale Forms (4)

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Idaho Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Updated September 04, 2023

An Idaho bill of sale records the purchase of personal property between a buyer and seller. The form acts as an official record to document the transaction details between the parties. It is required that both the buyer and seller sign a bill of sale after the transaction is complete.

Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form ITD 3738)– To record the sale of a motor vehicle and register with the Idaho Transportation Dept. (ITD).

Download: PDF

Boat Bill of Sale – To enter the details of a sale that includes a vessel.

Download: PDF

General Bill of Sale – For the sale of private property.

Download: PDF, MS Word (.docx), OpenDocument

Gun Bill of Sale – When transferring the ownership of a firearm in a legally recognized sale.

Download: PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument

Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat Registration Forms


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