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Nevada Bill of Sale Forms (4)

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Nevada Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Updated July 19, 2023

A Nevada bill of sale is a document that records the transfer and possession of personal property, most commonly related to a motor vehicle. A description of the property, sales price, and the parties’ information should be included in the form.

After completing, the buyer will be required to keep a signed copy if they are to register a motor vehicle (with the DMV).

Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form VP-104) – This would be used to prove the legal sale and purchase of a motor vehicle in Nevada. It can also provide information about the vehicle and prove a change of ownership.

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Boat Bill of Sale – Required to process the transfer with the State and prove ownership.

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General Bill of Sale – This document will provide proof of the sale of personal items between two private parties.

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Gun Bill of Sale – This would be used to show that a legal sale of a firearm has been transacted and will provide all necessary information for identifying the firearm.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat Registration Forms

  • Bill of Sale;
  • Certificate of title or manufacturer’s statement of origin;
  • Proof that sales tax has been paid;
  • Registration fees; and
  • Social security number.

Firearm Registration Forms

  • You must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older;
  • Must be able to possess firearms legally (“legally possess a firearm” is described as no felons, domestic violence perpetrators, illegal aliens, adjudicated mental incompetents, drug abusers, etc.);
  • You may not have any outstanding arrest warrants;
  • May not have been convicted of DWI during the last five (5) years;
  • May not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime involving any violence during the past three (3) year period;
  • Must have no criminal cases pending that, upon conviction, would prohibit the issuance of the permit;
  • May not have been admitted to a mental health facility voluntarily or involuntarily in the past five (5) year period;
  • Must complete the application process and have paid the required fees;
  • One must obtain Firearm Training (Usually a course designed specifically for CCW Permits);
  • You must qualify with the weapon(s) you are adding to the permit;
  • Prepare documentation and payment;
  • Go to your local CCW office and begin the final step of submission of your application. You will be fingerprinted and photographed; and
  • A background check will be conducted to legally process your permit. Once approved, your CCW Permit will be mailed to you by U.S. mail.
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