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Updated May 31, 2023

A Utah bill of sale is a legal document that details an exchange of goods for cash or trade. It records a sale and can be used to register the purchase afterward. The buyer is required to keep an original copy of the bill of sale, and the seller is obligated to sign over any title or ownership documents to the new owner.

Forms (4)

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form TC-843)– Can be used to prove the sale and purchase of either a motorcycle or automobile in the state of Utah.

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Boat Bill of Sale – Use this document to prove the legal sale of a vessel/boat.

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General Bill of Sale – This form is generally used between two private parties to prove the sale and purchase of personal property.

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Gun / Firearm Bill of Sale – The use of this document will prove the legal sale and purchase of a firearm in the state of Utah.

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