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Colorado Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Colorado Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated December 02, 2022

A Colorado security deposit demand letter is a notice sent to a landlord from a tenant who has not received their security deposit once the deadline has passed. In Colorado, a landlord is given thirty (30) days to return the deposit to the tenant. The lease agreement may include a clause giving the landlord more time to return the deposit, however, this may not exceed sixty (60) days. The landlord can make deductions from the tenant’s security deposit for things like past-due rent, unpaid utilities, and damage to the property. Failure of the landlord to comply with the demand letter (after seven days have passed) could result in the tenant being awarded three times the initial deposit amount.

Laws§ 38-12-103; § 38-12-104 (for termination of lease due to hazardous conditions)