Illinois Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Updated April 07, 2022

An Illinois security deposit demand letter is used to notify a landlord that they have failed to return an owed security deposit. According to Illinois law, a landlord has forty-five (45) days to return a security deposit to a tenant who has legally vacated a rental property. Once this time period has passed, the tenant may deliver unto the landlord the letter notifying them that they are in violation of State law. The landlord may retain a portion of that deposit for repairs made or cleaning services rendered only if they furnish the tenant with an itemized list of costs of said repairs and services within thirty (30) days after the tenant has vacated the premises. If no such statement is sent to the tenant, the full security deposit must be refunded. Withholding a security deposit after a demand letter has been sent could result in the landlord being liable for twice the amount of the security deposit due (as well as any court costs or attorney fees).

Laws765 ILCS 710/1