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New Jersey Security Deposit Demand Letter

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New Jersey Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated December 02, 2022

A New Jersey security deposit demand letter is sent to a landlord from a tenant who has not received his or her security deposit by the date designated by law. Landlords in New Jersey are required to return the funds of a security deposit within thirty (30) days after the tenant’s lease ends or after they vacate the dwelling. In cases where the tenant is forced to move due to domestic violence, a reduced period of fifteen (15) days will be given for the landlord to return the deposit. Should the tenant be required to vacate due to a fire, flood, evacuation or condemnation, the landlord must return the deposit within a period of five (5) days. Landlords that fail to return the deposit by the specified date are subject to court costs, attorney’s fees, and double the amount of the deposit owed.

Laws – § 46:8-21.1