Hotel Invoice Template

Updated June 23, 2022

A hotel invoice is a receipt that provides a hotel guest with an itemized statement of fees incurred for room rental, room service, rented movies, wifi usage, and use of pay portions of the facility. Generally, the hotel will gather all payment information in advance and make charges only to a Credit Card or Visa labeled Debit card. They will provide the paper statement to the guest upon check out.

Elements of a Hotel invoice

Elements for an effective Hotel Invoice is as follows:

  • The Hotels Name, address, phone number, email, website, fax and other contact information.
  • The Guests First and Last Name along with contact information and total number of guests staying.
  • Total number of stay and dates of the stay.
  • A list of itemized charges incurred during the stay with a total inclusive of state and local taxes.
  • Payment Method provided by the guest.
  • Hotel Invoice Identifier

Step by Step: Hotel Invoice Guide

1. Collect customer’s identification

A guests contact information should be collected. In the event there are issues with the payment in the future (for example the payment is reported as a fraudulent charge in the future), the guest can be contacted to help rectify the situation.

2. Charge a down payment for room

A Hotel may charge a down payment or security deposit for the room, this is also known as a “hold” for incidentals that are left unpaid or issues are identified with the room after the guest has departed (i.e. broken lamps, stains, etc.).

3. Add mini-fridge and room service charges daily

All charges incurred by the guest should be itemized on the Hotel Invoice. Charges can stem from the basic room charge, mini fridge usage (per item), hotel restaurant charges, hotel bar charges, pool towel charges, Wi-Fi charges – these can be charged daily,  spa charges, concierge charges, pet fees, airport transfers, checking in early, parking fee, upgraded views, and so forth. Charges should be itemized by date incurred.

4. Check-out and Pay

Once a Hotel Invoice has been prepared the guest will be ready to check out. The guest should make payment as allowable by the Hotel; cash, check, credit card, company card, foreign currency, etc.