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Texas Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Texas Notary Acknowledgment Form

Updated November 28, 2023

A Texas notary acknowledgment form is a letter signed by a notary public that validates a client’s signature as being authentic. Contained within the acknowledgment form are details related to the location and date of an acknowledgment as well as the name of the individual whose signature is being authenticated. If the notary public has confirmed the identity of the individual requesting signature authentication (usually by reviewing government-issued ID), and they believe that said signature is being provided for the reasons(s) described in the documents, the notary may authenticate the signature by completing the acknowledgment form.

Laws Title 6, Chapter 121 

Notary Handbook – A guide to the Texas notary public rules and regulations. Reference this handbook for example acknowledgment forms and other notarial certificates.

How to Notarize in Texas (5 steps)

  1. Find Notary
  2. Prepare Paperwork
  3. Appear
  4. Provide Signature
  5. Official Seal

1. Find Notary

If you have yet to employ the services of a notary public, the following locations often provide these services:

2. Prepare Paperwork

Have your documents prepared before presenting them to a notary public. You should leave the signature fields empty if possible. This will allow the notary public to be more confident in the validity of your signature as he/she will be able to witness the actual signing of your documents. Documents that have already been signed may still be acknowledged by a verbal affirmation of the legitimacy of your signature.

3. Appear

Bring your documents to the notary public and, if necessary, pay the processing fee associated with the service. The notary will ask that you identify yourself by showing a valid photo ID or with an oath or affirmation made by a credible witness who is personally known to the notary. Personal identification is not required if that notary has previous knowledge of your identity.

4. Provide Signature

After the notary has verified your identity and reviewed your documents, you will be asked to provide your signature in front of them. If your documents have already been signed, the notary will request that you acknowledge your signature as being your own and given willfully.

5. Official Seal

The notary will authenticate your signature by filling in the acknowledgment form and providing their signature and official seal, thus completing the notarization procedure.

Verify a Notary in Texas (3 steps)

Step 1


A notary public can be found by conducting a search for the individual in the Texas Secretary of State database. Navigate to this webpage to access the search portal.

Step 2

Locate the empty search fields and input one (1) or more of the following details in the available spaces:

  • Notary ID number
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Suffix
  • Zipcode
  • County

After providing the notary’s information, select either Search All or Search Active Notaries Only to specify the search type.

notary search fields

Step 3

Each notary that corresponds with your search information will be presented on the subsequent page. As seen in the example below, the information available to you is the notary’s name, ID number, address, commission date range, and company/agency of employment.notary search result details

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – The Texas notary acknowledgment form is available for download in the following formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, Open Document Text.

Step 2 – In the empty space beside “County of,” provide the name of the county where the acknowledgment is being made. Below that, enter the name of the notary public and the name of the individual requesting notarization. The remaining two (2) spaces should be used to describe either the name of the individual attesting to the signer’s identity by oath (if applicable) or the type of document used to identify the signer.

Step 3 – Supply the date of acknowledgment in the next three (3) spaces (day, month, year). Lastly, the notary public must provide their signature and their seal.