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Wyoming Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Wyoming Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

Wyoming Limited Power of Attorney Form allows you to grant an agent the instruction and ability to act on your behalf. While the language to solidify your approval of the agent’s use of your authority is provided, you will need to define what precisely such authority consists of. This paperwork is versatile in that it can be used in nearly every area of the principal’s life. So long as the governing state allows for the type of authority the principal wishes to delegate, it can be delivered in a limited fashion here. Thus, you can use this form to grant an agent the power to represent you in performing transactions, making decisions, engage in correspondence on your behalf for specific or unlimited amount of time. You can set these powers to terminate upon a pre-determined calendar date or when an event (such as the completion of a task) occurs.

How to Write

1 – Use This Page To Gain A Copy Of This Template

Obtain a copy of this template selecting one of the buttons under the Wyoming Template preview image on this page. You may obtain it as any one of the file versions labeling these buttons

2 – The Declarative Statement Will Seek A Definition To Party Roles

The standardized language making up the body of this appointment document will seek the Principal’s Full Name produced on the first blank space.

The next empty space has been reserved for the Principal’s Address. Make sure this is reported in full as a Building Number, Street Name, City, State, and Zip Code. The next segment of this declarative statement will need to define the identity of the Attorney-in-Fact who will wield the Principal Powers delivered when this paperwork is executed. Locate the empty space between the words “…Specific Power Of Attorney To” and the label “(Full Name)” then furnish the Full Name of the Attorney-in-Fact on it. The final blank line in this statement shall be divided into two labeled areas. Utilize these areas to record the Full Address and Telephone Number of the Attorney-in-Fact.

3 – A Direct Statement Of The Approved Principal Actions Should Be Produced

The goal of this paperwork is the documentation of the Authority the Principal is appointing to the Attorney-in-Fact. Several empty lines have been placed under the statement ending with “…Following Acts On My Behalf.” This area will require a detailed report on exactly what the Principal is Authorizing the Attorney-in-Fact to do with Principal Power. If there is not enough room to provide an adequate description of the Principal Powers being delivered to the Agent, you may attach additional pages with this description of Power.

4 – The Principal Act Of Signing Will Formally Deliver Power

The Principal will have to sign this paperwork as a way of providing physical proof that he or she has approved its contents. The Principal Act of Signing will execute this paperwork into effect and should be performed before a Notary Public

First, the Principal should locate the final statement (beginning with the words “Signed This”). He or she should use this statement to document the Date when this paperwork is being signed. It should be reported as a Two-Digit Calendar Day on the first blank space, Month Name on the second blank line, and Two-Digit Calendar Year on the available space. The Principal must sign his or her Name on the empty line below this statement. The Notary Public will have an area to work with below the Principal Signature. This process of notarization will serve to substantiate this document’s signing.