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The Washington property management agreement is a document used by real estate brokers to establish a business relationship with their clients. A signed contract provides them with the legal ability to perform property management services for any real estate owner located in Washington State. The provisions of the contract will include the length of the term, the duties to be performed by the manager, and the compensation they will receive in turn for their services. Both parties must execute a signature in order for the agreement to be considered legally binding.

LawsWAC 308-124D-215

Requirements (§ 18.85.331) – Property managers in Washington are required to operate under a real estate license as the duties of a manager can be found in the definition of real estate brokerage services (§ 18.85.011(17)). Exemptions apply to employees of the owner or employees of the managing broker (§ 18.85.151(13)).

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