Delaware Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Delaware Commercial Lease Agreement Template is a standard written contract used when a landlord, with commercial property in Delaware, rents to a commercial entity wishing to do business on that property. Commercial leases have the same power in a court of law as a residential lease however, there are certain additional considerations which must be taken into account.

Typically, most of these are negotiable and thus need to be agreed to by both parties before the time of signing. For instance, can business acting as a lessee in this agreement, rent part of its space to a separate business should the lessee business start to fail? Or will the landlord rent an adjoining space to a lessee business’s competitor? These are just some of the issues a commercial tenant would like to address. Landlords wish to make sure the commercial business is legal and will not create a disturbance on the property. They also need to make sure the property itself is returned undamaged or has not been altered in a way the permanently affects future tenants. This document should address all of these issues and more. Once this lease is signed it will verify that both parties have agreed and promised to fulfill their respective roles while obeying the conditions of the lease.