New Hampshire Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase Form

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The New Hampshire Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement Form is an easy to understand contractual template that shall solidify two agreements simultaneously. This document accomplishes the task by defining a rental agreement’s terms and conditions while also defining the requirements for transferring the property’s ownership should the Buyer/Tenant opt to purchase the leased property. Once these definitions have been successfully negotiated and set into the form both parties must sign the contract and have their signature notarized. This will bind each signing party to the provisions in this document for the lifespan of the finalized agreement.

As mentioned before, both parties should negotiate the terms of the final agreement. This of course will promote a successful relationship between these parties. This can be a very beneficial arrangement for Seller/Landlords who possess a difficult to sell property and/or Buyer/Tenants with less a less than stellar credit rating. The Seller/Landlord will be safe from a Buyer/Tenant because they will receive a reasonable some of money for taking the chance on the Buyer/Tenant. Meanwhile the Buyer/Tenant will enjoy the opportunity to verify whether he or she will be satisfied with the property and the neighborhood it is in before committing a significant sum of money. By taking such precautions and documenting them, each signature party can be rest assured their investment of time and money is well balanced by the benefits this contract provides.

How to Write

Step 1 – Supply the Date of the agreement, the Seller/Landlord’s full name, and the Buyer/Tenant’s full name in the appropriately labeled blank spaces located in the first paragraph.

Step 2 – In the second paragraph, report the name of the County and City where the property is located in the first two blank spaces. In the final blank space, fill in the Address of the leased property.

Step 3 – In Item 1, labeled as “Rent,” define the yearly rate of rent in the first two blank spaces. In the next two blank spaces, enter the monthly rental rate the Tenant must pay. In the next blank space (preceding the word “day”), document the Calendar Day of the Month the monthly rental amount will be due. Finally, define the security deposit amount in the blank spaces preceding the words “to be returned.”

Step 4 – In “Utilities and Services,” list all the utilities/services the Lessee must pay on the first two blank lines. On the last three blank lines list the “Utilities/Services” the Lessor has agreed to supply and pay for.

Step 5 – Locate the fourth section (known as “Option Term”). Here you will define the exact time period the Buyer/Tenant may purchase the property. The starting date for this period must be entered on the first blank line. The second blank line requires the end date for this lease.

Step 6 – The next area requiring attention is the “Purchase Price” section. In the first two blank spaces, fill in the full purchase amount the property will cost. Then in the last two blank spaces, write in the credit amount, taken from the monthly rent, the Seller/Landlord shall afford the Buyer/Tenant if he/she decides to purchase the property.

Step 7 – Locate the section labeled “Governing Law and Venue” (Item 17). In the blank space provided, enter the name of the county that will have jurisdiction over the purchase of this property.

Step 8 – The last section, “Entire Agreement,” in this contract form shall provide the binding effect on the participants of this lease. Here there will be enough space for two Seller/Landlords and two Buyer/Tenants to sign and print their names. Below this will be enough spaces for any Agent and/or Witness present to sign and print their names as well.