New Mexico Sublease Agreement Form

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A New Mexico Sublease Agreement is a legal document that allows a tenant already under a binding rental agreement with a landlord to re-rent the same space to another person. The original tenant must have acquired permission in their original lease with the landlord that already states that they have permission to sublet the property. Should there be no such statement, or it is not usually an allowed practice, then they must get written and signed permission from the manager or landlord so that they would be allowed their use of this particular relationship.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the document and begin by entering the following:

  • Name of the original lease holder
  • Address of the premises to be sublet
  • Name of the sublessee
  • Current Address of the sublessee
  • The address of the property that the subtenant will take possession of
  • City
  • Read the remaining portion of the paragraph addressing responsibility of both parties

Step 2 – Term – Check one of the following situations that would apply

  • Fixed Sublease
  • Month to Month Sublease
  • Week to Week Sublease
  • (In all cases, enter the beginning date and the amount of days notice required to vacate, as there are no holdovers with this particular type of lease)

Step 3 – Utilities –

  • In the lines provided on the form, list the utilities that the Sublessee will be responsible for and any exceptions

Step 4 –Liability – Both parties must read and agree that they are responsible for any damages occurring between themselves or any guest visiting the premises

Step 5 – Security Deposit –

  • Enter the amount of the security deposit that the sublessee will pay to the sublessor to cover any possible damages and/repairs after the premises is vacated by both parties
  • If any of the deposit amount must be withheld, the reason(s) will be provided in writing within (enter a specified amount of days) to the sublessee

Step 6 – Titled Information – Both parties must read and agree to any of the remaining information contained within this form prior to providing signatures – If there are any fields that will require remaining entries, make the entries, also, prior to signatures

  • Move In Checklist
  • Master Lease
  • Disputes
  • Other – (Enter any additional term agreements, agreed upon by both parties)
  • Written Agreement
  • Language
  • Minors
  • Original Copies
  • Landlord’s Consent (Landlord must check the appropriate box)
  • Governing Law
  • Date and Signature (enter the date binding the agreement in dd/mm/yyyy format

Step 7 – Signatures –

  • Sublessor Signature
  • Print Sublessor’s Name
  • Witness’ Signature
  • Print Witness’ Signature
  • AND
  • Sublessor Signature
  • Print Sublessor’s Name
  • Witness’ Signature
  • Print Witness’ Signature

If the Sublessee is under the age of 18 years their parent or guardian must provide their signature and printed name

Step 8 – Landlord’s Consent –

  • The landlord must read the brief statement
  • Provide Signature
  • Provide Printed Name

The landlord and sublessee must attach a copy of this document to the original lease and each must initial in witness

The landlord and sublessee must do the in move in checklist and both must initial in witness