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Nevada Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Nevada Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

Updated June 17, 2022

A Nevada standard residential lease agreement is a rental contract to be used between a landlord and tenant that is written in accordance with State law. It allows a tenant to rent the premises while paying monthly rent to the landlord and also for any additional utilities. The agreement is for a fixed-term, usually lasts for a one (1) year period, with the landlord commonly requiring the tenant to apply through a rental application before signing.

Move-in Checklist (NRS 118A.200(k)) – The landlord must provide the tenant with a written condition of the premises listing any known damages and defects.

LawsNRS Chapter 118A (Landlord and Tenant: Dwellings)

HandbookNevada Landlord-Tenant Handbook (PDF)