Nevada Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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The Nevada Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template is a blank contract form which may be filled in then signed by its participants to solidify a property rental agreement. This is done by putting the agreed upon terms, conditions, and necessary disclosures in writing for all signature parties to reference in the future should there be any question regarding one’s responsibilities. The added benefit to this is that once a lease contract such as this one is signed its terms are enforceable. That is a signature party violating its responsibilities, as laid out in this contract, may be compelled to fulfill its obligations by a court of law.

LawsNRS Chapter 118A (Landlord and Tenant: Dwellings)

HandbookNevada Landlord-Tenant Handbook (PDF)

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the Day, Month, and Year the signature parties are entering the agreement on the first three spaces at the top of this page.

Step 2 – Enter the name of the Landlord on the space following the word “between.”

Step 3 – Enter the name of the Lessee in the space following the word “and” on the last line of the paragraph.

Step 4 – The “Offer to Rent” paragraph will require the Street Address of the property to be leased on the first available space. On the second space, list the City this property is located in. Then in the space following the words “term of” enter the total time period this lease shall be in effect for. In the spaces after the word “beginning” enter the Start Date of this lease. Finally, in the spaces following the term “ending on” enter the Termination Date of the agreement.

Step 5 – In the “Rent” section, on the first available blank space, enter the Total Dollar Amount that will be received by the end of the lease term. Then, in the blank space after the words “installments of” enter the monthly dollar amount that will be considered rent. The last blank line will require instructions on how the rent must be paid.

Step 6 – In “Rent Proration,” enter the Date Range of the Proration period, if one applies.

Step 7 – In the “Deposit” paragraph, enter the Security Deposit Amount. This is the amount of money a Tenant gives a Landlord to hold as insurance against damages caused by the Tenant.

Step 8 – In “Utilities,” enter the utilities and services the Landlord will pay for and maintain for the duration of this agreement’s period of effect.

Step 9 – In the “Lawn Care” section, mark the first box if the Landlord shall maintain the landscape of the property. If the Lessee is responsible for maintaining the landscape, then mark the second box.

Step 10 – In the “Occupants” paragraph, enter the maximum number of people that may live in the Tenant’s household.

Step 11 – In “Notices,” provide the Landlord’s contact information and the Tenant’s contact information. Both of these pieces of information must contain the official Entity Name and Mailing Address where an official notice may be received.

Step 12 – In the paragraph labeled “Flag of the United States of America,” provide any instructions regarding waving the flag on the property should the Tenant wish to do so.

Step 13 – In the “Entire Agreement” section, enter the Date of this Agreement. Below the date, each Landlord and each Tenant participating must sign in the appropriate areas.