Oregon Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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The Oregon Standard Residential Rental Agreement is a legal document that is written to outline the rights and the obligations of both the tenant and landlord. The standard lease will include the terms and conditions of the agreement and will most generally specify the length of the agreement.

The document will state how much rent the tenant(s) should expect to pay on a monthly basis and the amount of the security deposit along and any other charges to expect. Any lease agreement will usually state the landlord’s rules for vehicle parking, rules for pets and visitors, rules for common areas among other rules for the premises for which they are responsible.  Tenants should carefully read through any standard rental agreement to be certain that they fully understand the terms and conditions of what they are signing. If the tenant(s) are not certain of what they are reading in the document, they should seek the advice of a knowledgeable attorney for assistance.

Laws – Title 10, Chapter 90 (Residential Landlord & Tenant)

HandbookLandlord-Tenant Law in Oregon (PDF)

How To Write

Step 1 – After the document has been downloaded, enter the following:

  • Landlord’s name
  • Landlord’s street address
  • City
  • State
  • AND
  • The names of all tenant(s) who shall reside on the premises

Occupants –

  • Enter the names of additional occupants who shall reside with the tenant(s)

Step 2 – Offer to Rent – Submit the following information:

  • The type of residence (ie: house, condo, apartment etc)
  • The street address of the property
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Purpose – Review the statement

Furnishings –

  • Should the landlord decide to provide furnishings, check the box and list the furnishings that will be included in the monthly rental payment
  • If there will be no furnishings, check the applicable box

Appliances –

  • If appliances will be provided, check that box and provide a list of the appliances that will be considered part of the rental payment
  • If no appliances will be provided, check the box indicating that there will be no appliances provided

Lease Term – Enter the following:

  • Date in which the agreement shall begin – dd/mm/yy
  • Ending date of the lease term in dd/mm/yy format

Rent –

  • Submit the monthly installment amount
  • Enter the due date each month when the rent will be due
  • Provide the method of payment and location where the monthly rental installment must be delivered

Non-Sufficient Funds Checks –

  • If there will be a fee that must be added to the rental payment in the event the check in not honored, check the box and enter that amount
  • If there will be no fee, check the “no fee” box

Late Fee –

  • In the event the rent is not paid by the due date or grace period, the landlord must check the box and enter a late fee amount that must be added to the rental amount when the rent is paid
  • If there will be no fee check the applicable box

First (1st) Month’s Rent –

  • Check the box that applies

Prepayment –

  • If the parties agree on prepayment of rent, check the box and enter the amount to be prepaid to the landlord
  • Submit the time period, beginning and ending in dd/m/yy format

Proration Period (Tenant(s)) –

  • If the tenants will move in prior to the Lease Term, enter the day of move in in dd/mm/yy format
  • Submit the amount to be paid to the landlord for early move-in

Security Deposit –

  • The landlord must enter the amount of the required security deposit
  • Landlord must state how many days the tenant(s) should expect to wait before receiving the return their deposit after notice has been provided and the tenant(s) have vacated the property

Step 3 – Titled Sections – The parties must review all of the sections and subsections. As well, provide any required information in the fields provided

  • Possession
  • Access
  • Move-In Inspection (Check the box that would indicate whether or not there shall be a move-in review of the property)
  • Subletting
  • Abandonment
  • Parking (Check the boxes and enter all required information)
  • Right of Entry
  • Sale of Property ( The landlord must enter the number of days that the landlord will provide as notice, in the event the property is sold)
  • Utilities – (List all utilities and services to be paid for by the landlord, to the tenants)
  • Maintenance, Repairs or Alterations
  • Early Termination – (Check the box that would best indicate if early termination will be allowed)
  • Pets – (Indicate the right for tenant(s) to keep pets on the property by checking the appropriate box, entering the remaining information, as well, the amounts required for pet deposits – If no pets are allowed, check the applicable box)
  • Noise/Waste
  • Guests
  • Smoking Policy (If smoking shall be allowed on the property, check the box that applies and enter common areas where smoking is allowed)
  • Compliance With Law
  • Default
  • Multiple Tenant(s) or Occupants
  • Disputes
  • Severability
  • Surrender of Premises
  • Retaliation
  • Waiver
  • Equal Housing
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Waterbeds (Indicate whether or not waterbeds are allowed on the premises for use by the tenant(s) and/or occupants, by checking the applicable box)
  • Indemnification
  • Covenants
  • Notices –  (Both parties must be responsible for provision of physical mailing addresses, one to the other, for the purpose of receiving written notices)
  • Agent/Manager –  (Check the appropriate box and enter the applicable information)
  • Lead Paint – ( The landlord must check the correct box and both parties must initial the statement, to ensure, in writing, that the tenant(s) have been notified of the lead based paint status)
  • Governing Law – (State of Oregon)
  • Additional Terms and Conditions – (If there will be amendments or additional terms and conditions, the landlord must enter this information for review by the tenant(s)
  • Entire Agreement

Step 4 – Signatures – All signatories must be present and provide the following:

  • Landlord’s signature(s)
  • Landlord’s printed name
  • Date of landlord’s signature(s) in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • AND
  • All tenant(s) over the age of 18 years, must provide signature(s)
  • Tenant(s) printed name(s)
  • Date the respective signature(s) in mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 5 – Amount Due at Signing – The landlord must enter the following:

  • Security Deposit
  • First (1st) Month’s Rent
  • Parking Fee
  • Pet Fee(s)
  • Pre-Payment of Rent
  • Proration Amount