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Mortgage Verification Form

Mortgage Verification Form

Updated August 09, 2023

A mortgage verification form is a detailed account of an individual’s mortgage payment information. Financial institutions will often request this type of documentation from an individual when he or she is applying for credit or a large loan; the form indicates whether or not the person will be able make the necessary payments continuously and on time. The form should be sent to the individual’s mortgage provider and filled in according to the instructions below.

How to Write

Step 1 – To begin, download the form in PDF.

Step 2 – The upper left portion of the form must be filled in with the following information:

  • Date
  • Mortgage company
  • Mortgage company address
  • Mortgage #
  • Mortgage company fax #
  • Contact name
  • Contact address

Step 3 – Move on to the upper right portion of the form and enter the return contact information (name, company, address, phone #, fax #).

Step 4 – Next, enter the name of the individual who is to be the recipient of the information supplied by the mortgage provider. Below that, the owner’s signature is required.

Step 5 – In numbers one (1) through six (6), specify the following details:

  • Current mortgage balance
  • Does the balance include accrued interest?
  • If yes, how much interest?
  • Mortgage payment
  • P.I or P.I.T (excluding life insurance)
  • Arrears (if any)
  • Date of last payment
  • What is the tax account balance (if applicable)?
  • Interest rate of mortgage
  • Term renewal date

Step 6 – Continue on to numbers seven (7) through eight (8) and specify the following details:

  • Is this an insured mortgage?
  • What is the remaining amortization of the mortgage?
  • Can the mortgage be paid out?
  • If so, how much would the payout penalty be?
  • Can the mortgage be paid out and remortgaged with your company?

Step 7 – For numbers twelve (12) through fifteen (15), the following details must be specified:

  • The payout penalty (if any)
  • Can this mortgage be assumed without qualifying?
  • Do you have a copy of the Survey Certification or the Real Property Report? (if yes, enclose a photocopy for the benefit of the client)
  • Any additional terms or prepayment privileges

Step 8 – In the remaining spaces of the form, the individual who completed the form must provide their signature, title, and date the signing.