Georgia Bill of Sale Forms (4)

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Updated August 17, 2022

A Georgia bill of sale legally transfers the ownership of personal property in exchange for cash or trade. The buyer and seller are required to sign the document and it should be kept for accounting purposes by both parties.

For a vehicle transfer, the seller must sign over and send the Certificate of Title that allows the buyer to register.

Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form T-7) – Transfers the possession and ownership of a motor vehicle. Required for the new owner to obtain title.

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Boat Bill of Sale – This document would be used to offer proof of purchase of a vessel/boat and change of ownership for registration.

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Firearm Bill of Sale – Used to show proof of purchase or trade, as well as a change of ownership, of a firearm if needed.

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General Bill of Sale – To be used, generally between two individuals, to offer proof that an item or items being sold or traded has taken place.

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