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Wedding Photography Contract Template

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Wedding Photography Contract Template

Updated July 20, 2023

A wedding photography contract is a legal document between a couple that agrees to hire a photographer to take photos and videos in a professional manner. The contract should include any specifics on how the media should be taken in addition to the time, place, and date of the wedding event.

All obligations and responsibilities of the photographer should be included in the contract.

Non-Refundable Deposit

A respected photographer will commonly require at least a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of signing the agreement. Also known as a “retainer.”

Important Clauses and Terms

Copyright: The photographer will commonly hold all copyright ownership rights of the media until full payment has been made by the couple.

Separate Charges: The photographer will commonly offer a price to shoot the wedding and another price for the production of the photos (digital or physical prints).

Non-Refundable Deposit: A deposit usually becomes non-refundable either at the signing of the contract or within 30 days of the wedding.

Providing Meals: If the photographer will be shooting the reception and food is provided, commonly a meal is provided to the photographer or they are allowed time to eat their own food (if the wedding is an all-day event).

Requesting Prints After the Wedding: The couple will commonly have up to 180 days after the wedding to request prints and any additional digital editing of the photographs. Afterward, the

Watermarked Photos: The photographer will send watermarked versions of the photos taken with the couple having the option to select which ones to purchase (if not all).

Weather Permitting: If the weather does not allow for the wedding to take place, the photographer will be paid the full amount. If the wedding is during inclement weather, the photographer cannot guarantee professional photos.

What Happens if the Photographer Cancels?

The couple will be repaid for any deposits made and the photographer is held harmless from any liability. This is why It is important to conduct a thorough review of a photographer before hiring and ensure they are dependable.

The good news is when a photographer cannot make a wedding, commonly, an associate or co-worker will appear to substitute and provide the services.


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I. PARTIES. This Wedding Photography Contract (“Contract”) made on [DATE] is between:

Photographer: [PHOTOGRAPHER’S NAME] with a mailing address of [MAILING ADDRESS], and

Client: [CLIENT’S NAME] with a mailing address of [MAILING ADDRESS].

II. TERMS. The Photographer and Client agree as follows:

  • Wedding. The Client is hiring the Photographer to shoot photos at:
    • Wedding Title: [TITLE]
    • Address: [ADDRESS]
    • Date: [DATE]
    • Start Time: [START TIME]
    • End Time: [END TIME]
  • Fees. The Client agrees to pay the Photographer a total amount of $[AMOUNT] for their services. This amount includes access to all original photos taken at the wedding. Any additional requests shall be billed and paid separately.
  • Payment. The Client agrees to pay the Photographer, in full, by: [TERMS OF PAYMENT]
  • Deposit. The Client agrees to pay a refundable non-refundable deposit of [#]% of the total amount for the services upon signing this Contract.
  • Services. The Photographer agrees to take professional photos of the Couple, and any guests, in accordance with industry standards and as reasonably requested by the Client during the wedding.
  • Substitution. The Photographer may substitute another equally skilled photographer in the case of illness or scheduling conflicts. The Client will be notified as soon as possible in such a circumstance.
  • Watermarks. All images shown with watermarks, in a preview only viewing, or any limitations shall be removed upon full payment to the Photographer.
  • Copyright. The Photographer has the nonexclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, and international rights to use, publish, crop, modify, reproduce, and distribute any photos taken at the wedding, in print and all other formats, methods, and technologies of distribution of any kind, now known or later developed. Therefore, it is strictly illegal for the Client to modify, copy, or reproduce the photographs without the written permission of the Photographer.
  • Original Photos. It is understood that the Photographer shall be the sole owner of any photos taken at the wedding unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Photographer’s Cancellation. If the Photographer is forced to cancel the services that are beyond their control, all funds paid by the Client shall be returned, and the Photographer shall be held harmless from any legal or financial liability.
  • Governing Law. This Contract shall be governed under federal law and the laws located in the state where the wedding is taking place.

This Contract incorporates the entire understanding of the Photographer and Client. Any modification of this Contract must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Client’s Signature: ______________________ Date: _____________
Print Name: _________________________

Photographer’s Signature: ______________________ Date: _____________
Print Name: _________________________

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