Illinois Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Updated August 03, 2022

An Illinois notary acknowledgment form is used to certify the authenticity of signatures inscribed on a legal document. This notarial act does not require the notary to attest to the truthfulness of the documents’ contents but they must acknowledge that it was signed willingly. The notary public can identify all parties involved either through personal knowledge or from proper identification. The individuals who signed the document are not obliged to sign in the notary’s presence but it is their prerogative, should they wish to do so. At the very least, every signer must personally appear in front of the notary public and declare that they didn’t sign the document by means of coercion. Once the notary seals and signs the acknowledgment form, the document is considered notarized.

Laws5 ILCS 312 § 6-105

Notary Handbook – A guide to the laws, procedures, functions, and application process associated with notaries in Illinois.

How to Notarize in Illinois

Step 1 – Those in search of a notary public will most likely be able to find one in one (1) of the following places:

Step 2 – The document to be notarized must be brought to the notary, and all parties who have signed said document must be present. Identification is required unless the notary can personally recognize an individual.

Step 3 – Some notarial acts require the signers to sign in the presence of the notary. However, documents with an attached acknowledgment form can be signed ahead of time. In this latter circumstance, all signing parties must declare that they have signed under their own free will.

Step 4 – Persons requesting a jurat will have to declare an oath or affirmation to the truthfulness of the document.

Step 5 – The document is considered notarized once the notary has stamped and signed the acknowledgment form or the appropriate notary certificate.

Verify a Notary in Illinois

Step 1 – To start a notary public search, navigate to the US Notaries website.

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Step 2 – You can search for notaries using the “City” search function or the “Zip Code” search function.

notary search fields

Step 3 – To find a notary within your city, enter the name of your city and click Search.

notary public search by city

Step 4 – Alternatively, you can enter a zip code and select a radius in miles to yield a list of notaries within that area.

notary public search by zip code

Step 5 – Results will appear at the bottom of the page and will supply you with a list of notaries. The list will contain the names and phone numbers of notaries within the search parameters.

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How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download form in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or ODT.

Step 2 – Enter the county in which this notarization is taking place. Next, enter the date and name of the person being acknowledged in the appropriate spaces. Lastly, include a seal, signature, title/rank, and serial number.