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Texas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Texas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Updated June 13, 2022

A Texas standard residential lease agreement is a document used by a landlord renting property to a tenant for monthly payment under typical conditions. Before signing, the tenant will undergo a credit verification by completing a rental application. Once approved by the landlord, the standard lease will be drafted and signed between the parties. Most agreements of this type are for a 1-year term.

LawsTitle 8, Chapter 92 (Residential Tenancies)

HandbookTenants’ Rights Handbook (PDF)


Agent/Owner Identification (§ 92.201) – The lease must detail the owner of the property including their name and address. Also must include any managers or on-site agents with access to the property.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Federal law requiring landlords to include this disclosure to any residential lease for a property built before 1978. Must be signed by both landlord and tenant.

Parking Rules Addendum (PDF | MS Word | ODT) (§ 92.0131) – Must have an addendum with the title of “PARKING RULES” that includes the parking spaces and areas. This addendum must be attached and signed by the tenant.

Special Conditions to Cancel Agreement (§ 92.016) – Every lease must include the statement of:

“Tenants may have special statutory rights to terminate the lease early in certain situations involving family violence or a military deployment or transfer”.

Tenant’s Remedies (§ 92.056) – The lease must include remedies for the tenant if a repair is not completed within seven (7) days. Usually, the landlord can include simple language such as if the repair is not made the tenant can hire a contractor and deduct the repair amount from the next month’s rent.