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Wyoming Notary Acknowledgment Form

A Wyoming notary acknowledgment form is used by a notary to verify signatures on official documents. It provides legal evidence that the individuals involved in the transaction have been identified and that they have signed the documents of their own volition.

Wyoming Living Trust Form (Revocable)

The Wyoming living trust is a legal agreement used to protect an individual's assets should they become mentally incapacitated and to bypass the Wyoming probate process after they die. The Grantor (creator of the trust) appoints a Trustee to govern the trust and distribute assets within the trust to the named Beneficiaries after the Grantor's death. The...

Wyoming Deed Forms

A Wyoming deed is a form that may be used to transfer the ownership of property from a seller to a buyer. The form should list the information about the 'Grantor' and 'Grantee' followed by the Purchase Price and Legal Description. All Deeds in the State of Wyoming are required to be signed in the...

Wyoming Non-Compete Agreement Template

A Wyoming non-compete agreement is a contract that allows an employer to limit an employee from engaging in the same business. The non-compete period begins after the employee is no longer is employed. The duration can be up to 1 year and for a specific geographical area. Laws Legally Enforceable? Attorneys (prohibited) Continued Employment What...

Wyoming Small Estate Affidavit | Affidavit of Collection of Estate Assets

A Wyoming small estate affidavit is a form that may be used to shorten the process of settling the estate of a deceased resident (decedent). Thirty days must pass after the death before the affidavit can be used. When the waiting period is over, a successor can use the form to collect the decedent's property from third parties.

Wyoming Last Will and Testament Template

A Wyoming last will and testament is a legal document used by an individual ("testator") to provide instructions for how their estate shall be distributed upon death. All aspects of the testator’s estate can be bequeathed to designated beneficiaries.

Wyoming Promissory Note Templates (2)

A Wyoming promissory note template is a document that organizes and adds legal validity to a lending arrangement between a borrower and a lender. It includes sections on interest rates, late fees, payment schedules, and more, as well as an area for a witness's signature.

Wyoming Advance Directive Form

A Wyoming advance directive is a document used to outline a person's healthcare preferences and is used if the person becomes unable to communicate or make decisions. Through an advance directive, a declarant can designate an agent to handle medical decisions.

Wyoming Eviction Notice Forms (2)

A Wyoming eviction notice is used by a landlord to inform a tenant of a violation of the terms and conditions of a lease. The notice will include the offense and instructions on how the tenant can return to compliance with their agreement. If the tenant fails to do so, the landlord may file a forcible entry and detainer lawsuit at the Circuit Court.

Wyoming LLC Operating Agreements (2)

A Wyoming LLC operating agreement is a legal document that manages each member's rights and duties regarding a company's operations. It should also set out members' ownership interest. After signing, each member is required to keep a copy of the operating agreement for their records.