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Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

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Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Updated February 23, 2024

Minor (child) power of attorney is a legal document that allows a parent to grant someone else the responsibility for their children for a specified period. Responsibilities usually include daily care, and making educational, healthcare, and travel decisions.

Signing Requirements

A minor (child) power of attorney is recommended to be notarized. If the parents would like to designate a longer-term arrangement, they should apply for guardianship.

By State

Table of Contents

How to Get Minor Power of Attorney

  1. Parent Selects an Agent
  2. Start and End Dates
  3. Powers and Responsibilities
  4. Signing the Form
  5. Using the Form

1. Parent Selects an Agent

A parent or legal guardian of a child has the authority to choose someone else (agent) to have rights over their child.

The agent selected will have rights over the child’s daily care along with educational, health, and dietary conditions. Therefore, the agent selected should be a trustworthy individual.

2. Start and End Dates

Most States do not allow a power of attorney designation for more than 6-12 month. Even though it can be renewed, it is best to check with State law.

3. Powers and Responsibilities

A parent is required to list the specific responsibilities that are being granted.

4. Signing the Form

The signing requirements are usually located at the bottom of the form. In most cases, it must be signed in the presence of a notary public or two witnesses.

5. Using the Form

The form must be presented every time it is used for the child. Depending on the situation and institution, an original copy may be required.

Maximum Time Periods

State Maximum Period Statutes
 Alabama 1 year § 26-2A-7
 Alaska 1 year AS 13-26-066(c)
 Arizona 6 months ARS § 14-5104
 Arkansas Not mentioned

§ 28-68-213

 California Not mentioned § 1510-1517
 Colorado 12 months § 15-14-105
 Connecticut 1 year Sec. 45a-622
 Delaware Not mentioned § 2320 to § 2328
 Florida Not mentioned § 744.3021
 Georgia Not mentioned § 19-9-124
 Hawaii 1 year §560:5-105
 Idaho 6 months § 15-5-104
 Illinois Not mentioned 755 ILCS 45
 Indiana 12 months § 29-3-9-1
 Iowa No laws No laws
 Kansas 1 year § 38-2403(d)(2)(A)
 Kentucky Not mentioned 27A.095
 Louisiana No laws No laws
 Maine 12 months § 5-127
 Maryland No laws No laws
 Massachusetts Not mentioned § 5-202
 Michigan 180 days Sec. 700.5103(1)
 Minnesota Not mentioned § 257B.04
 Mississippi No laws No laws
 Missouri 1 year § 475.602
 Montana 6 months § 72-5-103
 Nebraska 6 months Statute 30-2604
 Nevada 6 months NRS 159.0613
 New Hampshire No laws No laws
 New Jersey 1 year

Section 3B:12-39

 New Mexico 6 months

Section 45-5-104

 New York Not mentioned FCT § 661
 North Carolina Not mentioned § 32A-28 to § 32A-34
 North Dakota 6 months § 30.1-27-07(3)
 Ohio Not mentioned § 3109.52 to § 3109.61
 Oklahoma 1 year


 Oregon 6 months

ORS 109.056(1)

 Pennsylvania Not mentioned 11 Pa. Stat. § 2513
 Rhode Island Not mentioned § 33-15.1-14
 South Carolina Not mentioned

Section 63-5-30

 South Dakota Not mentioned § 29A-5-201
 Tennessee Not mentioned

§ 34-6-302

 Texas Not mentioned Sec. 1104.052
 Utah 6 months § 75-5-103
 Vermont Not mentioned 14 V.S.A. § 2659
 Virginia 180 days § 20-166(A)
 Washington Not mentioned RCW 11.125.410
Washington D.C. Not mentioned

§ 21–2301

West Virginia Not mentioned Chapter 44a, Article 1
 Wisconsin 1 year § 48.979(1)(am)
 Wyoming Not mentioned Section 3-2-202


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Principal: [PRINCIPAL’S NAME], of [PRINCIPAL’S ADDRESS], hereby appoint

Agent: [AGENT’S NAME], of [AGENT’S ADDRESS], as my attorney-in-fact (hereinafter referred to as “Agent”) to act on my behalf and make decisions regarding:

Minor Child: [CHILD’S NAME], born on [CHILD’S DATE OF BIRTH], during any period of my absence or incapacity.

Powers Granted: (initial all that apply)

______- Healthcare Decisions: To make medical decisions for my minor child, including but not limited to consenting to medical treatment, surgeries, medications, and accessing medical records.

______- Educational Decisions: To make decisions concerning my child’s education, including enrolling in or withdrawing from school, choosing educational programs, and consenting to educational assessments or services.

______- Financial Decisions: To manage and make decisions regarding my child’s financial affairs, including accessing and managing bank accounts, paying bills, and making financial investments on behalf of the child.

______- Travel Consent: To consent to my child traveling domestically or internationally, including granting permission for specific trips or activities.

______- Legal Decisions: To make legal decisions on behalf of my child, such as signing legal documents, entering into contracts, or initiating legal proceedings if necessary.

______- Day-to-Day Care: To make day-to-day decisions regarding my child’s care, welfare, and upbringing, including matters related to housing, nutrition, and recreational activities.

______- Other: [DESCRIBE].

Duration and Revocation: This Power of Attorney shall remain in effect for [DURATION]. I reserve the right to revoke or modify this Power of Attorney at any time, provided that such revocation or modification is communicated to my Agent in writing.

Signature and Date:

Parent/Guardian’s Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________


Witness #1 Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________

Witness #2 Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________

Agent Acceptance:

I, the Agent, accept the responsibilities and duties as the attorney-in-fact for the parent/legal guardian mentioned under this Power of Attorney.

Agent Signature: _____________________ Date: ______________