» » Eviction Notices for Non-Compliance (Lease Violation) – Notice to Comply or Quit

Eviction Notices for Non-Compliance (Lease Violation) – Notice to Comply or Quit

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An eviction notice for a non-compliance is a document given to a tenant when they have violated a portion of their lease except for the non-payment of rent ( if it is for late rent, use the Notice to Pay or Quit Form). A non-compliance can be described as any terms deemed as a violation to their contract such as a sound complaint, damage to the property, parking in the wrong spot, not maintaining the property (landscaping, shoveling, etc.) or any other reason.

Notices By State

The following States have specified laws and forms for non-compliance:

Time Periods & Laws

*KS – The tenant has fourteen (14) days to fix the issue. If tenant does not cure the violation they have thirty (30) days to move-out.

**NE – Tenant has the right to fix the issue and remain on the premises within fourteen (14) days. If the violation is not in compliance at the end of the initial period they must vacate within thirty (30) days.

***NV – Within three (3) days of being notified the tenant has the right to cure the non-compliance and have both parties be legally bound to their rental contract. If it is not cured within the time period they must move-out within five (5) days.

****VA– Tenant has twenty-one (21) days to remedy and thirty (30) days to vacate if it has not been fixed.

*****WI – The notice period depends on the lease term as seen on the Notice Chart provided by the Milwaukee Justice Center.

How to Write

After viewing the laws in your State for non-compliance the document may be filled-in. After completing, make two (2) copies and issue one (1) to your tenant and collect another for yourself as it may have to be attached to any eviction filing if they do not move out.

Step 1 – Enter the tenant’s data: Full name, address, lease agreement signature date, notice period (number (#) of days), and a description of the violation by the tenant.

Step 2 – On the bottom of the form the landlord will need to sign and then select from one (1) of the State approved options of sending the notice to the tenant:

  • Delivery in person;
  • Delivery in person to an authorized person on the property;
  • Certified mail.

Once the tenant receives and acknowledges the document it is considered the notice period commencement. The tenant should inform the landlord when the premises is back in compliance so that the landlord may perform an inspection.