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General (Personal Property) Bill of Sale Form

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The general bill of sale is a document that works as a receipt for any type of personal property is exchanged for trade or cash. The form is needed more by the new owner if they ever should be forced to prove ownership, or at the very least, list who sold them the item. The paper contract is considered a valid legal and binding document upon the signature of each party and after the trade has been completed. The buyer should understand that with this document they are buying the personal property item in “as-is” condition.

By State

How to Write

Step 1 – Select a state, click that state and download the document:

  • Begin by dating the document in dd.mm.yyyy format
  • Enter the seller’s name
  • Provide the seller’s mailing address
  • Enter a description of the item(s) to be sold
  • Enter the buyer’s name
  • Provide the buyer’s mailing address
  • Enter the price of the item(s) to be purchased
  • Both parties must read the remainder of the document

Step 2 – Signatures – All parties must enter the following:

The Seller –

  • The seller must submit their signature
  • Printed Name
  • AND

The Buyer – 

  • The buyer must provide their signature in agreement
  • Printed name
  • AND

The Witnesses – 

  • Witnesses must provide their respective signatures
  • Printed Name(s)

Step 3 – Acknowledgement of Notary Public – As the State Notary Public gathers identification of each signatory and witnesses all signatures and printed names, they will complete the remainder of the form by providing the following:

  • Enter the state where the transaction is taking place
  • The County within the state
  • Enter the date of the sale in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Notary’s Signature
  • Enter the commission expiration date
  • Acknowledge the document by affixing the state seal